The only limitations we have are the ones we create.

The Only Way We’re Gonna Move This Giant Orb We Call Earth Forward Is...

for each one of us to heed the voice inside which is imploring us to live the life we really want to live. To show up in the world fully aligned with our core beliefs, unique gifts and vision for creating a better world. It’s the life we were born to live, but it requires mental and emotional freedom. I give audiences the tools they need to declare their freedom and change the world.


I know a lot about different kinds of freedom. As a former prison guard I understand physical freedom. As a businessman I know entrepreneurial freedom. As an adult who grieved tragic family losses I know freedom from profound grief. And as a man who, for more than two decades, has routinely silenced the inner and outer voices to live the life he really wanted to live, I have experienced mental and emotional freedom.


Whenever I speak to an audience I’m mindful of the fact that people come into the room with many different goals but one main want; they want more of something in their lives. Occasionally, its money. But more often it’s something deeply meaningful to them such as more happiness, joy, fulfillment or passion. But what they don’t want is to hear the the same message of personal growth delivered in the same way so often that it becomes white noise. They want an aha moment. They want solutions. And that’s what I deliver.

Winning the War With Yourself

The internal battle to determine the course of your life is winnable with the proper mindset.

Curing Your Societal Timeline Disorder

The only disease we all suffer from is curable with courage and the right strategy.

Mobilizing The PIGG Principle

Each of these four energies are powerful. Combined, they’ll change your life forever.

Living the Second Draft of Your Life

The first draft of your life is the story you’re expected to live. Here’s how to live the draft you want to live.

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